Execution Plan Shortcoming in Extended Events

SQL Server, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017
I use Extended Events almost exclusively for capturing query metrics. They are the most consistent and lowest cost mechanism for getting the time and resources used by a query. They can be filtered, combined with other events, they're just marvelous... until you capture an execution plan. Execution Plans in Extended Events Don't get me wrong. Capturing execution plans with Extended Events is the way to go if you're attempting to automate the process of capturing plans on specific queries on an active system. It's step two that bugs me. So, we capture the plan. Here's an example script. Captures all the various plans and the batch, puts 'em together using causality tracking: CREATE EVENT SESSION ExecutionPlansOnAdventureWorks2014 ON SERVER ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_post_compilation_showplan (WHERE ( sqlserver.database_name = N'AdventureWorks2014')), ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_post_execution_showplan (WHERE…
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