Azure Data Platform Instructors


This listing, currently alphabetical, represents the non-Microsoft people who are providing an independent voice for teaching, training, and instructing on the Azure Data Platform:

Aaron Bertrand (b|t)
Jes Borland (b|t)
Denny Cherry (b|t)
Melissa Coates (b|t)
Joe D’Antoni (b|t)
Ron Dameron (b|t)
Mike Fal (b|t)
Grant Fritchey (you’re on my blog|t)
Nico Jacobs (b|t)
Thomas LaRock (b|t)
Karen Lopez (b|t)
Brent Ozar (b|t)
Jeremiah Peschka (b|t)
Tim Radney (b|t)
Edwin Sarmiento (b|t)
John Sterrett (b|t)
Jason Strate (b|t)
Paul Timmerman (b|t)

Over time, as the list grows, I will begin to categorize. I might even rank based on my knowledge of, or reports on, the speaker.

If you think you should be on this list, let me know: grant – at – scarydba-dot-kom (unobfuscate as necessary). If you are listed, but your information needs to be updated in some fashion, please get in touch.