Time To Learn Git

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I love this quote from Kevin Hill (and not because he mentions me): 3 things I can no longer justify ignoring: #dbatools Git and #Docker for my dev SQL work@cl@sqldbawithbeard@Kendra_Little and @unclebiguns@GFritchey, I blame you 🤪😂 There’s more but those are top 3— SQL Cyclist (@Kevin3NF) November 9, 2019 The reason being, he's right. I'm spending time rewriting some of my own sample code to use DBATools. I'll try to post some of it here when I get it together. I've been screaming about the importance of containers in general and Docker in particular for quite a while now. Finally, I use Git. So should you. However, getting started with Git, especially in a database, isn't that easy. Kendra Little You might notice Kendra's name in the tweet above. She's one of the smarter, more capable people…
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