Time To Learn Git

I love this quote from Kevin Hill (and not because he mentions me):

3 things I can no longer justify ignoring: #dbatools Git and #Docker for my dev SQL work@cl@sqldbawithbeard@Kendra_Little and @unclebiguns@GFritchey, I blame you 🤪😂

There’s more but those are top 3— SQL Cyclist (@Kevin3NF) November 9, 2019

The reason being, he’s right. I’m spending time rewriting some of my own sample code to use DBATools. I’ll try to post some of it here when I get it together. I’ve been screaming about the importance of containers in general and Docker in particular for quite a while now. Finally, I use Git. So should you.

However, getting started with Git, especially in a database, isn’t that easy.

Kendra Little

You might notice Kendra’s name in the tweet above. She’s one of the smarter, more capable people I know. Further, she really knows how to use Git. Even better, she’s an excellent teacher.

Why am I praising Kendra so much?

Because next week, during the Redgate Streamed event, Kendra is going to be putting an a class on Git. She’s going to cover the basics of how Git works, but she’s also going to drill down on how to get your database into Git. While Kendra does work for Redgate and this is an event that Redgate is hosting, this is a purely educational, #sqlfamily, community-focused session.

As Kevin says above, no one who plans on continuing in this career can ignore Docker, DBATools or Git. If you want a leg up on Git, this session from Kendra is going to be great way to get going.

Don’t miss it. Follow the link. Get registered. I’ll see you there.

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