Why Aren’t You Automating Database Deployments?

Building out processes and mechanisms for automated code deployments and testing can be quite a lot of work and isn't easy. Now, try the same thing with data, and the challenges just shot through the roof. Anything from the simple fact that you must maintain the persistence of the data to data size to up time, and you have real problems in front of you. However, adopting database deployment automation and testing has enormous benefits. Faster, safer, production deployment enhances the protection built around your production systems. Whether we want to use the loaded term of DevOps or not, the benefits of this style of development and deployment are easily documented and measured. So, why are so few people doing it? Conservation of Momentum If we were talking about a…
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Paul Randal’s Database Size Survey

SQL Server, T-SQL
If you have three minutes to spare, swing by Paul Randal's blog and answer his survey questions about the size and distribution of your database. The results are very interesting. I was most interested in the number of respondents to each of the questions.  As each size category switched, fewer and fewer people responded. However, a lot more people responded than I expected. 94 last I looked had databases under 10gb in size, but 42 had databases over 1tb. Yeah, that's only 1/2, but, holy cow, it's 1/2. I wish I had a database to manage that was over 1tb. Back in the 7.0/2000 days I was at a dot com that was getting close. When I left they had 700gb. I understand they got close to 850 before the…
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