Database Fundamentals

Database Fundamentals, Professional Development
One of my favorite things about being a technologist is constantly learning new things, but, this can lead us to forget about the fundamentals. More importantly, in our pursuit of the latest and greatest things, it's very easy for those of us who teach to forget to reach back and pull others forward. With this in mind, I'm going launch a new blog series called Database Fundamentals. Database Fundamentals The goal here is simple. I'm going to talk about the basics. Creating a database. Creating tables.¬† Inserts, selects, primary keys, and on and on. I have a bunch of material accumulated around these topics. I may as well share it as much as I can. I will continue posting information about all the fun cutting edge stuff I get to…
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Sharing a Good Idea

Professional Development
I posted earlier about my experiments with Microsoft Curah!. (yes, technically the period should follow the exclamation since the exclamation is part of the name, not the end of the sentence) Evidently people actually read this blog because it inspired Stephen Bennet to start putting together his own curations and collect them on his blog. I think that's a pretty interesting idea. I might try it myself (after I get back from SQL Intersection). Stephen's Curah! so far. Oh, and I kind of dislike the name. Curah! Just typing it I feel like I should be excited except I'm not. Anyhooo...
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Sharing the Love

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, TSQL
Just a few blog posts that you ought to go and read. First up, Tom LaRock maintains a listing of SQL bloggers split up into various cleverly named groups to show you where to go to get good information. This really is an excellent collection of bloggers. It's the people I go to when I need information. Some of them are better resources than the Books Online when they post something. Personally, I've made the list for the last several years, but Tom has decided that I'm worth of elevation, so I've gone from the Model database to the Master database. Thanks Tom. One blog that's not on Tom's list is Tom's blog. You should be reading that regularly too. And congratulations to Tom again on making MCM. Next, one…
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