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One of my favorite things about being a technologist is constantly learning new things, but, this can lead us to forget about the fundamentals. More importantly, in our pursuit of the latest and greatest things, it’s very easy for those of us who teach to forget to reach back and pull others forward. With this in mind, I’m going launch a new blog series called Database Fundamentals.

Database Fundamentals

The goal here is simple. I’m going to talk about the basics. Creating a database. Creating tables.  Inserts, selects, primary keys, and on and on. I have a bunch of material accumulated around these topics. I may as well share it as much as I can. I will continue posting information about all the fun cutting edge stuff I get to explore as part of my job (and because I spend a lot of time at night on this stuff) from Query Store to Azure SQL Data Warehouse to Analytics, Query Tuning and DevOps. I’m not taking away, I’m adding. I want this to be for anyone, DBA, wanna-be DBA, Database Developer, Developer, interested by-stander, anyone. It’s just a chance to share.

Speaking of adding, SQLSaturday Louisville 2017 has kindly added me to their agenda. I’ll be doing a pre-conference seminar in August on Using SQL Server Tools for Query Tuning. It’ll cover some fundamentals, but it’ll also move well into the intermediate space, showing you how to tune your queries using the tools available within SQL Server. Follow the link to find out more and register for this event.


  • Pete

    Sounds great. New techie stuff is fun to play with, and can produce good results in the right hands, but all too often, problems are in the basics. I’ll definitely be following this.

  • SQLSoldier

    I was just telling someone last week that I see a huge hole in database fundamentals when interviewing DBA candidates. All 3 of my Summit submissions were on DBA fundamentals.

  • Dan Blank

    Would there be a way to specifically subscribe to this series of posts? I’ve recently found myself the de facto dba in my company and this seems like ti would be really useful? Thanks

    • I don’t think so. You can subscribe to the blog of course and to posts after they’re released, but no way I know to only subscribe to these. I will have them all categorized the same way if that helps at all.

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