Inside My PASS Summit

As you read this, I'm in Seattle for the PASS Summit 2017. I have four roles that I satisfy at Summit; Vendor through my glorious employer Redgate Software, Board Member of the PASS organization, Speaker, and Attendee. Let me tell you about my Summit that's coming up. What is PASS? But first, a word from... well, they're not a sponsor of this blog in any way, but PASS and the community that creates and runs it made my career what it is today. PASS is the single largest organization in the world today supporting training, networking and knowledge sharing in and around the Microsoft Data Platform. The organization runs Local Groups around the world that offer free training all year round. PASS supports SQLSaturday events globally. There are also Virtual…
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PASS Summit and Redgate Software

Red Gate Software
Next week is the PASS Summit. I'm so excited about it I could pop. Part of why I'm excited is because Redgate always does so much fun stuff at Summit. I'm presenting sessions, Steve Jones and our latest (and probably greatest) new team member, Kathi Kellenberger are also presenting sessions. This year is we're also going to be throwing a great party. Stop by the booth, talk to a Redgater (me included) and we'll get you a ribbon for the #redgaterocks party. It's taking place on Thursday, November 2nd at 1927 Events, 1927 3rd Ave. We'll have a bunch of our people at the booth ready and willing to show of all the cool new software we've been working on. If you're at PASS Summit, please track me down in the…
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Azure, PowerShell, Databases and the PASS Summit

Azure, PowerShell
I am quite honored to say that I am speaking at the single largest and most important Microsoft Data Platform conference in the world, PASS Summit 2017. Now, I'm excited to say that I get to speak on three topics that are near and dear to my heart, Azure, PowerShell and databases. The session is called Using PowerShell to Manage Your Azure Databases. You can read the abstract there at the link. I'm going to go through a whole bunch of the database types on Azure and show how you can manage each. I'm not sticking to SQL Server. We'll cover MySQL, Cosmos and others. Let's get together and talk about these topics. Azure adoption is growing like mad. You're going to need to automate it, so PowerShell is your…
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