T-SQL Tuesday #166: Extended Events

When I was put on the list to host September’s T-SQL Tuesday, well, I forgot to put it in my calendar. So I’m late (and in the doghouse with Steve). Because of this, I’m going to bend the rules a little (sorry Steve) and give you a few days to get your posts together. In theory, they’re all due tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12. However, let’s say they’re all due by the end of the day on Thursday, September 14th. My apologies for being tardy.

I’ll still post a roundup on Friday.

So, what’s the topic for T-SQL Tuesday. Well, it’s in the title, Extended Events. Let’s talk about it.

Why Extended Events?

As anyone who has read my blog or books, or seen me speak, you’ll know that I’ve got a passion for Extended Events (I’m talking about them tomorrow at SQL Konferenz). That alone would be enough of a reason to make it the subject for the month. However, I went back and did a search of all the topics for T-SQL Tuesday. You know how many times we’ve had one on Extended Events?


One time.

Well, frankly, that’s unacceptable.

I want to hear about how you’re using Extended Events. Do you have a cool trick that no one but you knows? Time to share. However, I’m not going to limit this. Why have you decided to not use Extended Events? Do you know cool tricks in Trace/Profiler that Extended Events can’t do (except for PerfMon counters, we all know that one)? Well, please, share. Let’s hear your thoughts all about Extended Events, whether pro, con, or neutral.

Extended Events are a very powerful tool that really can help you monitor your SQL Server instances better. They get ignored a lot. Let’s work to change that.

How Do I Play T-SQL Tuesday?

That’s easy. Write a blog post. It has to be on Extended Events (this month, it’s different on other months). You have to include the T-SQL Tuesday Logo (look up at the top of the page). Finally, you need to link to here so I can see your post to include you in the wrap-up. That’s it.

Please, do take part. Let’s hear what you have to say about Extended Events.

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