SQL Server 2022 Query Performance Tuning

If you’re interested in getting a digital copy, my brand spanking new book is now available here.

It’s in the intro, but let me tell you a little bit about the new book. It’s really new. Some of the older versions of the book were simply updated, a bunch of changes to most chapters, a couple of new chapters, fixes for old mistakes, ta-da, new book. Not this time. This time, I rewrote it all. From scratch.

Now, some of the chapter titles are the same. Quite a few of the examples are the same (if code illustrates something successfully, I’m reusing it). However, overall, it’s a brand new book.

There’s a lot of new material too. The last update was for SQL Server 2017. There has (almost) been two releases of SQL Server, 2019 and 2022 (should be soon, hence, almost). I’ve added a bunch of material for all the updates to query tuning and performance that’s in these releases.

I also dropped material. I had a couple of chapters on hardware that, frankly, were aging badly. Fact is, hardware and performance tuning, are very different issues. Further, in this modern age, to do hardware a fair shake, I’d need a whole second book. So, rather than have unhelpful information, I’ve removed it. I also took out material on deprecated stuff like Distributed Replay. Since Microsoft is not going to give this any love, I don’t see why I should have it in the book.

I hope all this is helpful to you in your decision whether to pick up a copy of the book or not. Print versions will be available in a couple of weeks. I’ll put up another blog post then.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, concerns. You can post them here, or use my email, grant-at-scarydba.com.


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