DevOps From Redgate

In a few weeks at the PASS Data Community Summit, I’ll be joining several other Redgaters to put on an all-day precon where we take you on a database DevOps journey. Please let me tell you all about it.

From Nothing

The plan is simple. We’re going to take you from a fully manual deployment process, to a fully automated process over the course of the day. We’ll be deploying something about every 30 minutes. As the day progresses, those deployments will become more and more automatic. We’ll be using a variety of tools, but the big driver will be Redgate’s Flyway.

The fact is, most people recognize the need for a DevOps-style approach to their database deployments. However, doing it just isn’t easy. This all-day seminar is intended to hand you the tools that will make the whole thing happen. Please do look over the session description and join us. I promise you’ll learn a ton.

In the past, I’ve spent lots of time talking about the “why” of DevOps and DevOps-style mechanisms. This time, we’re focusing on the “how”. How to get your code in & out of source control, not just why you want source control for databases. How to set up a Continuous Integration process. You want to automate testing of your database code, so we’ll show you how. You need to be able to hop environments, we’ll include that knowledge too.

This should be a great day, filled with learning. I’d love to see you there. So much so, I’ve got a discount you can use to register for Summit. Use ‘GFSUMMIT67’ to get $200 off the 3-day registration. And if you want to attend virtually, I can help there too. ‘GFONLINE67’ will get you 50% off the online registration.

Whether you’re in-person or virtual, I hope to see you at Summit. Please, consider this your personal invite to say “Hi”!

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