Thank You Andy!

I remember going into Andy Leonard’s session at PASS Summit in Denver. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of sparsely attended, so I got to sit up front and ask questions. Andy answered ’em like the pro that he is and then we got to talking afterwards. I’m honored to say we became friends. Thank you Andy!

Andy is one of those people who is quick to try stuff out and then share it with others. He introduced me to Google Hangouts and both of us experimented with them quite a lot, sometimes being the only person in each other’s Hangout. Which means we got to talk quite a bit. Thanks Andy.

Go read Andy’s blog sometime. Yeah, you’re going to learn some technical content. However, you’re also going to see excellent advice. We’re talking stuff from how to better run a SQL Saturday to how to better engage people. Andy shares so much knowledge, and so much of it goes beyond the technical. I appreciate it Andy.

Thanks for those emails. You know which ones I’m talking about. They always helped, even when I didn’t agree. Thanks Andy.

Thanks for being a servant-based leader. Thanks for quiet words of encouragement in a DM. Thanks for that glorious beard. Thanks for the smile whenever we meet. Just, thanks, my brother from another mother.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Andy!

  • luther atkinson

    Quite frankly, Andy is one of my hero’s. I’ve no idea how large a group of brothers from another mother Andy has, but each and every one of them has my gratitude for their willingness to share information and their knowledge, and incredible patience with my many questions.

  • Dave Wentzel

    I’ve learned quite a lot from Andy over, probably, the last 20 years. He’s a treasure. Kudos to you, sir, for publicly recognizing that fact.

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