Thank You Tim!

Ah, Tim Ford. I remember the time we were sitting at Ruth Kriss Steakhouse trying to figure out which of the two of us was the dumbest person in the room. Just so we’re clear, it was me. Anyway, we’ve been friends for a long time. Thanks Tim!

Thanks for being insane enough to think that teaching tech on a cruise was a good idea. Then, being so utterly ’round the bend that you actually did it. Multiple times. Successfully. And I got to take part in it. Thank you Tim!

Like with Wendy, there are no words to express how I feel about our time on the PASS board. Thank you.

We’ve spent so much time together, honestly, it’s hard to pick out all the ways you’ve been kind to me, all the ways you’ve helped, the opportunities you’ve given, just you being you. Thanks Tim.

The one thing that stands out for me is SQL Cruise. Not simply because you’ve given me memories I’ll cherish forever. No, it’s because you gave others memories they’re going to cherish forever. The close friendships, the careers, SQL Cruise went way beyond informing people. Tim, you improved lives. For that I’m grateful.

You’ve shared your amazing wife (HI AMY!!) and your wonderful family, through good times, and frankly very bad ones. I’m happy I got to share mine as well. Anyone want a laugh, ask Tim to feel their butt. Seriously though, we’ve shared good and bad, all over this country and at spots around the world. Thanks for all you’ve given Tim.

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