Thank You Allen!

I know I can say that I’m a friend of Allen White without getting into trouble. Allen and I have a shared a lot of things over the years and I’m inordinately pleased that I know the man. Thanks Allen.

Allen was the very first person, ever, to say to me “Say, aren’t you Grant Fritchey? You wrote that book on Execution Plans.” To say I was blown away that anyone, anywhere, would recognize me, well, there’s simply no way to understate this. Thank you, Allen, for the recognition.

Allen has always been one of the clever ones. He was up and using Powershell almost before it was released, or so it seemed. When I was just barely starting to figure out the kind of automation I live by now, Allen was the person showing me the way. Thanks Allen!

Allen served with me on the board of directors at PASS. He was always, always, a voice of sanity in the room. He helped calm things down. He lead by example. I learned from him how to be a better leader and I appreciate it. Thank you Allen.

Heck, Allen even told me to buy a book on golf when he found out I was starting to play. It made my arms stop hurting, just reading the book. Thanks again Allen.

Thanks Allen for the political discussions without heat. Thank you Allen for sharing so much at so many places, all over the world. Thank you Allen for that one MVP after conference party (you know the one, and no, get your minds out of the gutter you people). Thanks for the hugs that made other people uncomfortable (he was theater, I was Navy, we’re good at it). Thanks for not leaving the room during my rendition of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning.” In short, thanks Allen. I truly appreciate all the time you’ve given.

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