Goodbye to Good Morning!

For two years and three months, since April 2020, I’ve posted a tweet saying “Good Morning!” on every workday. I think I missed one. I was late for a couple.

The messages were meant to be helpful. I used the word kind a lot. A lot.

I tried to avoid lectures, and still did it sometimes. I tried to always be uplifting and positive, yet was still a downer occasionally.

I’ve received many thanks for the tweets, in public and private. I cherish every one. Thank you!

I also received quite a few “how dare you” and “you’re not qualified” messages. For those, my answers are simple. I dare fine. You’re right, I’m not qualified, doing it anyway.

However, I’m drawing all that to a close. See, I’m going on sabbatical for the next seven weeks. So, the “Good Morning” tweets are going to stop, with the final one being Friday, July 15 2022. I don’t know if I’ll start them up again when I’m back or not. Maybe I’ll try something else.

I remain exceedingly positive about life, the world, the universe. As an (admittedly crappy) student of history, we’ve had it worse, in living memory. The further back you go, the more horrible life was for the majority of the planet. Nope. I like it here and I honestly believe we’re going to get better, be better and do more. You should to.

Thanks for your attention. Thanks for your kind words. Now, let’s get out there and act kind towards each other (ha! got in one more).

Good Morning!

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