Two Years of “Good Morning!”

Two years ago at the start of the pandemic, I wasn’t feeling great about things. I saw that quite a few others weren’t all that thrilled about how things were going either. So, to help my own mood, and to try to be a service to others, I started tweeting a little “Good Morning!” post every work day.

I filled them with happy thoughts, tips I’d read on handling depression, suggestions I learned on health, anything that would help people, just a teeny amount, at the start of the day. Now, I’m not some licensed therapist or anything like that. I just wanted to do something to help others where I know I needed help.

That’s it.

Two years later and I’ve written a bunch of tweets.

Based on feedback I’ve received, I’ve managed to walk the line between being a hectoring jerk and someone trying to be honestly helpful. Not every tweet went over. Some of my attempts at humor, as per usual, fell flat. Overall though, I’ve enjoyed the process.

Tweeting Good Morning!

It’s not enough to simply tweet “Good Morning!”. Further, adding in some phrase, “We’re all in it together” and stopping there every day seemed both lazy & pointless. I wanted to try to get people to focus on some positivity at the start of the day (and yeah, I know some were seeing these tweets in afternoon & evening, it’s about helping, not sweating time zones). So every day I tried to either have something ready from the day before. Alternatively, I would sit and look out the window thinking about stuff while I composed the tweet.

These things are short. They’re tweets after all. However, sometimes, it would take a half hour or more to come up with what I wanted to communicate. I edited these things carefully. Again, I wanted to help, not be a jerk. So I tried to be very cautious about the message.

Still Going?


I do have an endpoint in mind and I’ll share that when the time comes. However, for the foreseeable future, I’m still going to start every workday with a “Good Morning!” tweet. I sure hope it continues to help, in even the smallest possible ways.

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