Announcing: AWS Community Builders

I’m excited to be able to announce that the AWS Community Builders, a new program for those who help out with AWS technologies, has been launched. You can read the details here. I’m also excited to announce that I’m one of the first set of Builders in this new community.

Building AWS Community Builders

As I’ve worked to add AWS to my toolbox, both in the DevOps area and in the data management area, I’ve been impressed with the technology. I’ve also been impressed with the help you can get on it out on the interwebs. However, there wasn’t any kind of organizing force behind the community. Different people were posting various things, but it was unclear how to tell who had a real finger on the pulse.

AWS reached out to a bunch of people across the wide set of disciplines represented by the AWS platform. They pulled a bunch of these people in and ask for advice on how to build up a support community. We all chimed in and the result is AWS Community Builders.

It’s a recognition program that shows that you’ve done a couple of things. First, that you’ve developed knowledge and skills in and around the AWS platform. Second, that you’ve shared that knowledge with others. Blogs, videos, podcasts, classes, mentoring, training, whatever, you’ve been a knowledge base for AWS that people are relying on.

There’s Room for More

This is where it gets fun.

AWS Community Builders is going to be a self-selection community. Want to be a Builder? Great. There will be (at this moment it’s not ready) a web site where you can list your community contributions. If you’ve done enough stuff, you can receive the Community Builder award from AWS. Then, annually, you’d have to work to re-earn the award. It’s not permanent.

So watch this space. As soon as I know the Community Builder application page is live, I’ll share it with you.


I’m thrilled I’ve been able to contribute to this in my own small ways. I hope I can continue to maintain my worthiness to be a part of the community. This is, like so much else I try to do, about helping out, when and where I can.

And, watch this space. I’m still working on building up my skillset in AWS, so I’ll be sharing my learning as I go along.

I was wrong. The applications are open now. Go here if you’re interested.

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