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I am very excited to announce that I will be taking my paid precon content “Tools for SQL Server Query Performance Tuning” and presenting it for free. This is all a part of a new initiative from Redgate Software called Community Circle. Read about that here. I’ll be livestreaming the precon once a week on the Redgate Youtube. So, please tune in, every Tuesday at 13:00CDT. Or, you can watch the recordings of the livestream, which we’ll host on Youtube, free, forever. Between classes, you can ask questions, make comments, and generally interact through a Discord server I’ve set up here.

We’ll be covering a whole slew of topics from Query Store to DMVs, SQL Server Management Studio to Extended Events, Execution Plans and more, lots more. Whether you watch the livestream and take part or just watch the recordings later, I hope this material proves helpful. And don’t forget to follow the link to check out the other Redgate Community Circle content.

4 thoughts on “Redgate Community Circle

  • Ed Pochinski

    Grant, I have some pretty cool things I can share and present on. I have built a DMV wrapper manual, very slick. I also wrapped PowerShell around them and create 30 csv files in 10 seconds. Took that a step further and made another wrapper that runs it against a list of servers. I also have some neat PerfmonDW PS scripts that load some neat metrics into a central repository. All the worker thread information & queue info for Availability groups and a alert email. I am looking forward to watching your presentation,
    Fell free to reach out,
    Edward J Pochinski III
    aka SQLShark

  • Thanks a lot Grant.
    This community is a GREAT initiative. Uncertain times, sure, it tell us to be more connected.
    Brent Ozar is also currently sharing exclusive content. That’s great.
    No borders here. We’re all connected

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