Being an Efficient DBA

Or database developer, report writer, whatever.

SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, and all the tools provide a bunch of ways to get things done. However, some ways are more efficient than others.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the cool little tips and tricks that can make you more efficient while working with SQL Server?

I can help. Please, go check out the agenda for Redgate Streamed, taking place April 1-3.

Andy Mallon

OK. I can’t help, but I know who can, Andy Mallon.

I saw this presentation a while back and I was blown away. First up, there is stuff in there to learn for just about everyone. Cool tips that are really useful and will make you more efficient when working with SQL Server. Next, Andy is an amazing presenter. I mean it. Amazing.

I know you’re likely feeling a little trapped at home. We’re putting on this #sqlfamily oriented event with Data Platform content from great speakers like Andy to help out a little.

Please, follow the link, get registered, and get your learn on. Interact with others online. Also, worth noting, we’ll be donating money to the Covid-19 WHO response fund as a part of this event. So you’ll also be helping a very worthy cause.

Please let me know what you think about this article or any questions:

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