Redgate Software Needs You!

I’ve been very blessed to be able to work for Redgate Software. We’ve done some amazing stuff over the years. We’re going to be doing even more amazing stuff coming up.

However, we need help. Specifically, we need help with sales. We’ve got a great team, but we need a bigger, great team. There are openings for sales development representatives and there’s going to be a try-out in March, but you only have a couple of days to apply. Go here, right now. Deadline for this is the 26th of February, 2020.

When you fill out the application, please, use my name “Grant Fritchey”, to show where you heard about it and who referenced you.

There are a whole slew of other openings in sales as well. Please, take a look, and take a chance. This is one terrific organization and I’m proud to be a part of it. There are openings all around the world. Just remember to use my name “Grant Fritchey” as the reference.

By the way, we’re hiring other positions including software engineers too. Follow that second link.

2 thoughts on “Redgate Software Needs You!

  • Ed carden

    That’s tough. Finding persons savvy enough to understand the tech but be willing to work in sales and who will not leave at the first sign of a better offer (which is often within sales ).

    I used to work for an software company and I know that their sales people were not near as savvy with the product as they liked to believe or as they often portrayed (to intentional customers) because they knew all the buzz words even if they didn’t always know what they meant. There is also the problem with sales people over promising and making it look like the dev staff under delivered because the sales person was not as informed of the tech as they believed they were.

    Sales people have to be people-people and that often does not go hand in hand with those who are tech savvy. The more tech inclined you are the less good you tend to be with people. There are exceptions but in general this is how it works and so when it comes to sales people in a technology industry I do not envy the person who’s job it is to find these sales people. You will have no problem finding sales people looking for jobs but trying to find someone with sales skills, technical understanding and who is likely to hang around, that is a tall order to fill.

    Good luck

    • We do our best to work with the sales teams as closely as possible in order to back them up. Where they don’t have the tech, we do. And by we, I don’t just mean me and the other advocates. Redgate has a really strong bunch of pre/post sales support engineers too. One of the reasons I love the company so much is the focus on teamwork.

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