Ending My Time as PASS President

With the end of the year, other things are coming to an end as well. Tomorrow, December 31st, will mark my final day as President of the PASS organization.

I won’t be leaving the board itself for another two years. I’ll still be there as the Immediate Past President (IPP). I still have a vote on the board and will take part in supporting the next President, Wendy Pastrick (who is going to be great). While my role shifts, I’m also still a part of the Executive Committee.

With all that, I can still act as a conduit into the board. If you have questions on what we do, how we do it, why we do it, please, ask. If you want information passed to the board, I’ll be available to act as the messenger. If you want to tell us we’re doing great work, let me know. If you want to tell us we’re stinking up the place, let me know that too.

If I did anything positive during my time as President, it wasn’t really me accomplishing it. I benefited from amazing people coming in before me and doing hard work (Tom, looking at you, Denise, JRJ, and, of course, Adam) to position the organization for success. I was the beneficiary of their labor (as were you, thank them).

Of course, I was also blessed with amazing people on the board. You’ve no idea the work they do and the difference they’ve made in people’s lives. I’m very honored to have worked with all of you, past & present. Thank you for your time.

I’ve also been lucky in having such an amazing group of people at Christianson & Company. Judy, you and your team keep this organization on an even keel and move us forward. I really appreciate all you’ve done.

I’m leaving feeling like I only accomplished a part of what was possible. If I had been a better person or better prepared for the role, maybe I could have done more. However, I’m extremely happy that I had the opportunity to give back to the community at this level. I’ve received so much, I needed to give what I could.

I’m excited for the future. Wendy, Tim and John, you guys are going to crush it. I can’t wait to see what you get done. I’ll be right there by you for the next two years, supporting you through your efforts.

Finally, thank you to all the community members. You all do so much that goes unsung and unappreciated. Please know, even if I don’t know all that you’re doing, I know that you’re doing it. I’m ever so grateful that you are.

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