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Instead of something technical, let’s take a moment to just kick back and enjoy a few great Christmas movies.

Now, let’s be clear. “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Rudolph” and the rest also play at the Fritchey household, but we have a few, special, Christmas movies that I’d like to share.

Welcome To The Party Pal!

Most everyone can agree that, yes, in fact, Die Hard is very much a Christmas movie (as is Die Hard 2). However, my family enjoys the following films each (or most) Christmas season:

The Thin Man: William Powell and Myrna Loy. What else needs to be said? However, wonderful Christmas murder mystery. Mrs. Scary won’t let me shoot balloons of the tree though. Mrs Scary’s favorite line: “I’ll take five martini’s Leo. Line them up right here.” By the way, Another Thin Man, the sequel, is a New Years movie. Safe for kids.

Long Kiss Goodnight: Gina Davis in her prime as a totally kick-ass secret agent/assassin. Love this movie to death. Christmas lights should all have cabling as strong as in this film. Not kid safe.

Rare Exports: Hundreds of naked Santas running through the snow with axes. You’re welcome! Definitely not kid safe.

Hog Father: Terry Pratchett’s Disc World novels are simply glorious. The BBC films made from them have been a little underwhelming, but not this one. My favorite scene is Death giving a little girl a real sword because, it’s educational. When mom complains that the girl could hurt herself, Death replies “Well, that would be a very important lesson then.” My parenting methods have followed this approach ever since. Very kid safe.

The Ref: “Your husband isn’t dead lady. He’s hiding.” More than a little adult themed in it’s language, so, no kids.

There you go. These are the offbeat, “not really quite a Christmas movie” Christmas movies that we enjoy.

In this time of year, please, reach out if you’re feeling down or depressed. There are those who care. You are more important and valued than you may know. Keep this in mind. Sit down. Watch a goofy movie.

I hope you and yours have a happy and healthy season.

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