State of Database DevOps Survey

Maybe you’re using DevOps within your database development and deployment. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re automating all the things or maybe you’ve got a completely manual set of processes. Fact is, Redgate would like to know.

If you can spare a couple of minutes to swing by this link and fill out this survey, I’d sure appreciate it.

The fact is, database deployments, regardless of the database, regardless of it being relational or not, can be very difficult. The core of the problem is retention of the existing data. If it was possible to deploy databases the same way we deploy code, throw away the old one, install the new one, usually in a single step, that would be great. However, unfortunately, throwing away databases usually gets organizations quite upset.

So, we have to figure out how to get them deployed, safely and quickly. Please, follow the link above and let us know how you’re getting that done.

By the way, you get a chance to win a prize too. Thanks for your time.

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