SQL in the City/PASS Summit

My great organization, Redgate, is doing things a little different this year at PASS Summit. Instead of hosting our own event, we’ve decided to host a pre-con at the Summit itself to pass the word on all the amazing work we’re doing. It’s still going to be called SQL in the City. Follow the link to see the schedule and all the excellent topics.

This means, if you’re coming to Summit, you can sign up for a precon that will be given by the great team at Redgate all about all the great Redgate tools. Follow this link to get registered.

I’ll be talking about 10 Steps you can take to make your data compliant, world-wide. You’ll also get to hear from Kendra Little, Steve Jones, Arneh Eskandari, Ike Ellis and others. Plus, get some one-on-one time with the speakers or Redgate developers. We’re here to help out.

All this is taking place Monday, 4 November 2019.

Don’t miss out. Get registered today.

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