Techorama Netherlands 2019

You only have a few more weeks to sign up for one of my favorite events, Techorama. This year is the second time the event will be held in the Netherlands (it started out in Belgium). I’m very honored to get to say that I’ll be speaking again this year.

The reason I like the event so much is because of how it draws from pure developers, architects, data specialists and analysts almost equally. Techorama succeeds at getting all the people into the room that ought to be in the room. Then, Techorama makes it possible for all these people to share knowledge and understanding about the Microsoft stack.

I have several different sessions, but the one I want to talk about at the moment is the one on SQL Injection.

I’m very passionate about getting SQL Injection eliminated as a problem. We’ve known about it for over 20 years, and we’ve known how to fix it for that long too. Yet, it’s still a HUGE issue. The main reason I want to talk about this topic at Techorama is because I’ve got everyone in the room. Fixing SQL Injection is going to take all of us. Not just developers. Not just DBAs. The right way to eliminate SQL Injection is through a defense in depth. To find out the details of what I’m talking about, and watch me demonstrate just how easy it is to exploit SQL Injection, sign up for Techorama and come to my session.

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