20 Years of Redgate Software

Yeah, Redgate is only one year younger than my children. What’s really frightening is that I’ve been using Redgate’s products since my kids were a year old. I was a VERY junior DBA twenty years ago having just made the move from full time development. I’ll tell you though. I think I had Redgate’s SQL Compare open on my desktop non-stop from the moment it was available. I know I personally ensured that four different organizations purchased at least one license. Now here we are, twenty years later. My kids are grown, but I’m still gleefully using Redgate Software.

Yeah, I know, now I work for them, but that’s just a bonus as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been praising and promoting Redgate for twenty years and I hope I get to do so for another twenty.

Now, if you want to see some of the really cool new stuff we’re doing, as well as talk a little about the last twenty years with the Microsoft Data Platform and the PASS organization (who is also twenty this year), I have a fantastic opportunity for you.

We are hosting an all new SQL in the City Streamed event, this Wednesday, September 4, 2019. You can go here to register.

Join Kendra Little, Kathi Kellenberger, Steve Jones, several other Redgate employees, and myself, as we show off all the work Redgate has been doing to improve our software and better support you in your database development and deployment processes. I know we have some great new toys coming out the door that will enable you to do more, faster, and safer. Don’t miss this live event. Please, come help us celebrate the last twenty years and launch the next twenty.

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