DevOps for the DBA, Slide Deck

I have an all day seminar I give called “DevOps for the DBA”. If you’re attending, thinking of attending, or you have attended, you might want to have the slide deck to review. I have published it here at SlideShare.Net.

Fair warning. The slides are not the presentation. When you’re attending a class that I teach, you’re there for the live, in-person, interactive event of the training. The slides are not meant to be documentation. They are simply guideposts to keep me on track and to help illustrate certain points. If they are helpful to you, I’m happy to share. I just want you to know that reading through the slides can in no way be a substitute for actually showing up.

If you would like to attend this seminar, I currently only have one scheduled:

SQLSaturday Oslo Precon, Friday August 30th, 2019. Click here to register.

7 thoughts on “DevOps for the DBA, Slide Deck

  • Charlie Arehart

    Thanks for sharing, Grant. And great points made on what/what not to expect from the slides alone. Also, can you share what software or service you use for creating your slides? They’re very attractive, and great to see as an alternative to bullet points. (I do realize that MANY solutions can help avoid that. Just curious which one you used here.) Thx.

    • Just powerpoint. There’s also a design suggestion engine in that I use to gussy up some of them. It’s a lot of the tool and a little of me. Plus, a bunch of time picking graphics. I happy they work.

      • Ah, ok. Thx. Good to hear PPT can be made to dance so well. And I assume you’re not clarifying the “design suggestion engine” intentionally, and that’s ok, if you feel it’s “secret sauce”. 😉

  • Good set of items to cover by what I can see in the slides. We managed branching pretty well, but we did state-based dev so merges were quite a bit easier to handle. That also helped when we had to go through the hotfix scenario because we could branch off of master for the hotfix, release, then merge _that_ into the feature branches. 🙂

    The problem we hit now is the need to push changes to clients who host our dbs and could be at any given level. Migrations tend to make the most sense for that, as much as I prefer the state-based approach otherwise. We need to look at tools that can handle that well without a lot of “per-developer” costs because any of our devs might initiate a change, but those scripts are pretty rare so licensing a dev for the one time they make a change each year doesn’t make sense. The search continues there.

    Test data is something I’d love to see done better. We can’t cleanse our prod data to use for testing and generating realistic-looking datasets for testing is always challenging.

    Looks like a great presentation, though. I’d be interested in seeing the demo part of it if I ever get a chance to do so. There are a lot of great points made in the slides.

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