All Day Seminar on DevOps in Oslo

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be presenting an all day session on DevOps for databases. It takes place on Friday, August 30th. You can click here now to get signed up.

I have a very hard time hiding just how excited I get about DevOps. It’s not just that the technology is fun. It is. It’s not just that it makes for a happier work environment. It does. It’s not because by using DevOps you can deliver more quality functionality, faster, for your organization. You can.

No, the reason I love DevOps, as a DBA, is because it creates added protections for my production environment and my production data. You can think of the entire DevOps process as another backup, another consistency check, one more enforced referential constraint. DevOps is not a hindrance or a pain for you as a DBA. Instead, it’s a hyper-useful tool.

Want to know all about why I feel this way? The answer is simple. Follow this link and get registered today. I promise, you’ll be a lot more excited too.

Best of all, the next day is SQLSaturday Oslo, one of my favorite events. I hope to see you there.

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