From Evangelist to Advocate

It’s time for a little bit of change to occur. I am no longer a Product Evangelist for Redgate Software. No, they haven’t fired me and I haven’t quit. We’re changing the role, just a little. I am now a Product Advocate for Redgate Software.

Why Advocate?

It’s simple enough. If you look up the definitions for evangelist and advocate, it’s pretty clear that my job has always been more of the advocate role than the evangelist. After all, I’m not trying to convert you to use Redgate. Instead, I want to recommend and support the position that Redgate offers you a superior product.

The core role that I fill, teaching, writing, recording videos, testing and training, using Redgate tools in support of your data and data estate will be the same. Some of those methods and approaches we’ve been using for the last 8 years and 6 months (yeah, that long), that I’ve been a Redgate Evangelist may shift. Some of that is to be determined.

However, I remain what I have been, one of your go-to resources for all things Redgate. I’m working on articles for Redgate and Simple-Talk, same as always. I’m posting here to my blog on Redgate, the Microsoft Data Platform, and all my other topics, same as always. I will provide support and assistance to you in any way I can, same as always.

I’m just going to do it all under a new name: Product Advocate.

2 thoughts on “From Evangelist to Advocate

  • That’s much better. I will happily admit that I am biased, and English, but the word Evangelist always raises the image of a Happy-Clappy, gas-lighting sociopath in need of a secure unit and a serious course of psychoactive medication for the protection of others. As far as I know the term started in Apple (known in my circle as “The Cult of Jobs”).

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