Opening a Twitch Channel, Data Wisdom

I want to let you know that I’m starting a channel on Twitch. You’ll be able to see it here. I’m going to start doing regular live events on Fridays, probably around 10AM. Topics will range from query tuning, to GDPR, to Redgate, to Azure Data Studio, pretty much the same as the blog. I’ll also take requests on topics and will host live Q&A periods during the sessions so you can ask about anything, whether it’s part of that day’s topic or not.

Additionally, I intend to host live videos at events. I have two coming up in a few weeks, SQL Konferenz and SQLBits. I’ll do live sessions at these events so that you can, even if you’re not there, take part in them. I’ll have interviews with presenters and organizers. I’ll walk the sponsor hall. You’ll get to see what these events are like in person. To get a sense of what other live events I’ll do, check out my upcoming engagements page.

The videos once done will be posted to my YouTube channel as well.

Please head over to Twitch, subscribe, and you’ll get announcements for when I go live, whether it’s a regular Friday session or one of the ad hoc live events.

Plus, my co-worker and friend Kendra Little also has a Twitch channel you should subscribe to.

See you live, this Friday, February 1, and most Friday’s after that at 10AM (I’ll skip when I’m traveling on a Friday or on holiday).

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