Get Your Learn On

There is one truth that I can say about technology with an absolute certainty: It’s going to change.

Get your learn on!

Technology is going to be shifting under your feet, constantly. Even if all you ever do is work with SQL Server, on premises, on hardware, without VMs, containers, clouds or any of that foofaraw, things are going to change.

Dealing With Change

What’s the best way to deal with change? Get your learn on!

Learning all the new stuff is absolutely necessary. It’s unavoidable. Even if you’re not running SQL Server 2019 in production today (and very few of you should be as I write this because it’s still in preview) because you’re still on SQL Server 2005 (and, by the way, support ended in April of 2016, time to upgrade), you’re still going to move to a new version of SQL Server at some point.

Get Your Learn On!

PASS, as always, is here to help. Not only do we have local groups, virtual groups, multiple online events, SQLSaturday, and the PASS Summit. We also have provided thousands of hours of video on every conceivable topic related to working in and around the Microsoft Data Platform… for free!

You just have to be a member of PASS and then you can take advantage of all this learning, including all the PASS Summit content up to 2017 and all the virtual groups. How’s that for helping you learn?

Although, I’ll keep posting new stuff as well.


No lie, working in tech is a pain. You really do have to be constantly learning, moving, expanding. You can’t sit still. “Well, got that whole SQL Server 2000 nailed down. Time to kick back and rake in the big bucks for the next twenty years until I retire.”

Sorry, won’t work. You’re going to have to learn new technology, all the time. Please, take advantage of all that PASS has to offer. Join up and then… yeah, you know the phrase already.

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