Redgate Reviews 2018, Predicts 2019

Our boss came to us and said, “We need one more webinar to round out the year.” Well, we’re just like you guys, counting down the hours until our holidays start like a short-timer in the military looking at that discharge date. 

The boss wants an entertaining, engaging, informative webinar. You know, the usual stuff that Redgate always delivers. Yet, we are seeing the holiday light at the end of the work tunnel so none of us wanted to take on too much of a burden.

So, we came up with a solution. We’ll all work together to deliver a single webinar. A good round table discussion of all the cool stuff we’ve seen this year from Redgate, Microsoft, and the rest of the world of data. Plus, we’ll toss in some discussion around where the Data Platform world is headed.


An educational, informative, Redgate-style webinar that delivers the goods, but I, uh, I mean, we, get to be a little lazy by sharing the load. Here you go. Follow the link and get registered. We’re going to have a lot of fun and deliver some good content. Please, come and take part with us, tomorrow, Tuesday December 18th, 4PM GMT.

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