What Is Happening, Right Now, At the PASS Summit?

Honestly, that’s a very hard question to answer. I mean, first of all, you can look at the schedule. There will be all day pre-conference seminars going on today (when this is published) and tomorrow. The rest of the week has all the breakout sessions. During the event this week, if you’re not there, you can take part in some of the event by visiting the PASSTV web site. Other than that, you can follow me on Twitter (@gfritchey). It really is one of those “you need to be there” kind of events. If you’re not there this year, start planning for next year.

However, Redgate is here to help.

What We Learned at PASS Summit

Redgate is going to hold a webinar on Tuesday, November 20th. The title of the webinar is “What We Learned at PASS Summit”. Basically, the evangelists of Redgate Software are going to go over all the information we got out of the event. Kathi Kellenberger, Kendra Little, Steve Jones and myself will talk about the keynotes, announcements, Speaker Idol, and a whole slew of other information, all gleaned from this marvelous event we call PASS Summit.

Please, register here for our webinar and we’ll be happy to sum up the information coming out this week.


I really want to talk to you. If you’re at Summit this year, say hello. If I’m running, wave, don’t try to stop me because I’m probably late for something. However, if I’m standing still or walking slowly, stop me and say hi. I need to know if this blog is useful for you, what topics I should cover here, everything. Look for me at the Redgate booth where Hugo Kornelis and I will be signing copies of our book on execution plans, or either of my two sessions, Maximize Availability and More With SQL Server Estate Monitoring and Disaster Recovery & High Availability on the Azure Data Platform, or maybe at the Apress booth where I’ll be signing some copies of my book on query tuning, or even at the Board Q&A on Thursday afternoon. The purpose of going to PASS Summit is to Connect, Share and Learn. Let’s get that first thing done so we can do the rest.

Please let me know what you think about this article or any questions:

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