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Let’s be really clear, Redgate makes ingeniously simple tools. That’s a fact. Nothing has changed. However, if you really want to get the full range of capability out of the tools, you need to understand how best to put them to work. Enter Redgate University.

Redgate University

The concept is very simple, one might even say ingeniously so; have a course on how to get more out of the tool. So, for example, I can demo SQL Clone and SQL Data Masker in about 3 minutes each. You’ll understand what they are, how they work and how they’ll help you in your company. Done.

You can even install them and have them working within your environment within about 15 minutes or so on each. Cool.

However, you won’t be taking full advantage of all that the tools offer, most importantly, all the ways you can automate their functionality without spending quite a bit of time learning the tools. That’s where the SQL Provision course at Redgate University comes in. We’ll show you all the ins and outs and neat little tricks that you can do with the tools.


We’ve already created courses on SQL Monitor and SQL Source Control as well as the one I already mentioned on SQL Provision. We’re working on more courses on different topics and tools. Also, we’d love to get your feedback. If you think we need to expand the learning and documentation on our toolset, or, on how to use our toolset to solve specific problems, please let us know.

In the mean time, back to university with you.


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