SQL in the City Summit

This fall, in October, Redgate Software will be hosting three, live, in-person events. These events will take place in New York, London and Chicago. They are on the 12th, 18th, and 26th of October, respectively. You can follow this link to read all the details.

I’ll be speaking there, along with other Redgaters like Steve Jones and Tom Austin. There will also be other, quite amazing, speakers; Bob Ward of Microsoft, Brian Randell from MCW Technologies, Ronit Reger of Microsoft, Bob Pusateri consultant and Bob Walker of Octopus. We’re going to be providing excellent educational content done in the way that only Redgate does it. We’ll cover a number of topics, all related to our central theme of Compliant Database DevOps.

I want to tell you a little about my session entitled: Maximize Availability and More with SQL Server Estate Monitoring.

Your Estate

You may have a single server that you need to keep track of. You may have hundreds or even thousands of serves that you need to monitor. Either way, all the SQL Server instances within your organization are what defines your estate. Further, your estates are growing. They can simply be growing in size and activity. They are growing in number. Finally, they are growing in location as more and more people move to the cloud.

This ever expanding SQL Server estate makes understanding where your servers are located, what state they are in, and all the requirements necessary to meet both DevOps and compliance more and more difficult. Further, things like the GDPR and the new California Privacy Protection (CPP) law, are placing new demands on us as data professionals.

We must show that our data is available. Further, if something happens to make that data unavailable, we have to be able to document what the cause and solution were. Without this monitoring, we create a breach per some of these new regulations and are thus exposed to possible punishment.

I’m ready to help. I’ve gathered together a lot of knowledge about both DevOps and compliance (from HIPAA to FERPA to SOX to the dreaded GDPR, I’m ready to help out). I’ve got a very good idea how all of this impacts our need to keep an eye on our systems. I want to share all that knowledge with you, so please, get registered for SQL in the City Summit

A Reward

For reading all this way, I’d like to offer you a small reward. If you register for the London event, and here’s a handy link, using my name, “GrantFritchey”, as an access code, you can get 50% off your registration. The New York event is free. I, unfortunately, won’t make the Chicago event, but Bob Pusateri is going to cover for me.

I hope to see you there.

OK, fine, but what do you think?

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