Youtube Channel Update: 3 August 2018

I’ve posted a number of new videos to the Youtube channel that might be of interest if you’re a data professional. First up, I’ve started migrating my Database Fundamentals posts over to Youtube as SQL Server Fundamentals. The first one is available:

Speaking of DBAs, the job is not going away, but it is changing. Find out how to survive the change:

Would you like to know how the Query Store works? Here’s a getting started video:

I also have a good video on how to combine capturing query metrics along with wait statistics using Extended Events:

Wait until you see what Trace Flag 7412 can do for you. It’s very cool.

Finally, if you are interested in attending one of my many all-day seminars on query performance tools, check out this video to see what these days are all about:

OK, fine, but what do you think?

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