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With all the noise about the upcoming enforcement of GDPR, I know that people are starting to focus more on privacy and protection. Add in all the other news about data breaches and data leaks and suddenly, privacy and protection isn’t just a business concern, it’s personal. Where do you go if you want to learn more? How about the SQL Privacy Summit?

SQL Privacy Summit

Redgate is hosting the first SQL Privacy Summit on May 18th in London, brought to you by the producers of SQL in the City. Yes, lots of information on the GDPR and compliance will be available. However, we’re going way beyond that. The reason it’s called the Privacy Summit and not just “The GDPR Summit” is because we’re talking about more than compliance. We are talking about the core concepts of building and maintaining your systems around the concepts of privacy and protection, by design, by default, right from the start.

We’re covering topics that will be of interest to your DBA and your data professionals, certainly. However, we’re also covering development and other topics that you should mention to your boss. Yes, there will be information useful for people at the C-level as well.

I am unfortunately not able to attend due to a prior commitment. However, one of my favorite topics, monitoring, will be covered by Microsoft Data Platform MVP William Durkin, a very experienced individual and a dear friend. Now, don’t think this is just about which query is running slow. Privacy, protection, and compliance with the GDPR all circle back around to monitoring in a bunch of ways. William will cover that information for you.

Look at the other speakers too. We’ve put together a great set of resources for you to network with and learn from. The SQL Privacy Summit will be an invaluable resource to get you started down that path to privacy and protection.


It’s not enough to know that you need privacy and protection from development through to your production servers across your entire estate. You need to know how to achieve it. That’s what the SQL Privacy Summit is all about. There is limited seating and tickets are on sale now, so, please, go here and register now. Use my special discount code “Grant” to get 25% off if you register before April 18th.

OK, fine, but what do you think?