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Hey! Here’s the latest on my YouTube Channel. Click on through and subscribe. I’ll be doing lots of stuff on the Microsoft Data Platform, GDPR, DevOps, Redgate, and all sorts of IT related information.

Here are the last couple of weeks worth of videos:

Very popular was my discussion of the idea that the reason DBAs don’t adopt the latest and greatest piece of shiny is because we’re all beholden to vendors instead of trying to make good decisions for our the organizations that pay us (as if the “best” decision is to always grab the new shiny). OK, I’m giving away my thoughts, here’s the video:

Next most popular was my question, so, if we’re not resisting change because of vendor lock (and we’re not) why are we resisting change?

I love the work we’re doing with Redgate SQL Monitor. It’s becoming more and more of an estate level tool (without abandoning that helpful, small company feel). Check out some of the new features.

Finally, I’ve been reading the GDPR. You should be reading the GDPR. Here’s some of the information I’ve found interesting from my latest read.

OK, fine, but what do you think?