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I just wanted to take a moment to promote the work I’ve been doing with the YouTube Channel.

I’ve published four videos in the last week. The most popular was an introduction to the GDPR:

I’ll be talking about that quite a bit more in the coming weeks.

I thought this video which shows you how to compare plans in SQL Server Management Studio would be more popular:

However, this one showing wait statistics in execution plans seems to be getting more hits:

Finally, my comparison between the mistaken missile alerts in Hawaii and database design fell over flat. No one was all that interested:

I hope these videos are proving as useful to you as the blog posts I do here. I’ve got a lot more videos recorded and coming on topics ranging from estate monitoring using Redgate SQL Monitor, to my unpackaging of the new Microsoft SQL development tool. It’s all meant to augment the material posted here. Let me know if it’s useful. Please, also, let me know if there are specific videos you’d like to see. I am taking requests.

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