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Not sure who this is that is attempting to hack into my blog so desperately, but seriously, time for a new hobby:

administrador 20 mins ago
administrador 1 hour 41 mins ago
administrador 3 hours 2 mins ago
administrador 4 hours 20 mins ago
administrador 5 hours 38 mins ago
administrador 6 hours 56 mins ago
admin 9 hours 36 mins ago
admin 10 hours 55 mins ago
admin 12 hours 14 mins ago
admin 13 hours 33 mins ago
admin 14 hours 48 mins ago
admin 16 hours 7 mins ago
admin 17 hours 26 mins ago
admin 18 hours 44 mins ago
admin 20 hours 5 mins ago
admin 21 hours 25 mins ago

The thing that makes me crazy is, what does this really get them? I mean, OK, you might be able to control the blog and put up some stupid political comment or a spambot, but I’m actively engaged with the thing. I update it regularly. I’m going to notice pretty darned shortly and then use my ability of accessing the hosting company to get you kicked back out and a restore run.

The time you’re putting into this can’t possibly be worth the return. Not to mention, I’m not exactly here with my blogging. There aren’t millions of people per day looking at this place. The six or seven hours of use you might get out of the blog (last time I was hacked was less than that and I was flying at the time) will only net you a couple of thousand hits.

Please, take up another hobby. I’m looking at getting into HAM radio after I finish my current round of books. Why don’t you do the same. We can talk instead of you attempting to make a mess of my blog. Sound fair?


OK, fine, but what do you think?