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I recently read an article asking the question whether or not we downplay the role that luck plays in our lives and I immediately thought of the PASS Summit.

Obscenely Lucky

I am, quite frankly, embarrassingly, obscenely, stupidly lucky.

I just am.

I married WAY over my head. I stumbled into an amazing career. I can safely say that I’ve arrived where I am through a great amount of luck. I am quite grateful for it all too. I will only suggest a single point of agency on my part that has put me in this wonderful situation.

I showed up.

PASS Summit 2005

I went to the PASS Summit in 2005 in Grapevine. Mostly, I attended sessions and then went back to my hotel. However, one night, after talking to a vendor, I scored an invitation to their private party. There I bumped into a few people who were volunteering for PASS. These were smart, wonderful people, doing cool stuff. I desperately wanted to be one of them, so I volunteered for PASS.

The rest, and there’s a lot of rest, is history.

Let’s Talk Luck

The biggest point about luck is that if you’re not in the right spot, at the right time, luck won’t strike. You have to go where the luck is. You have to seek it out. Luck may find you, but only if you’re in places where luck can occur. I’m telling you now, luck occurs at PASS Summit.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Talk to previous attendees. I can bring up example after example of people who have new, wonderful jobs because they went to Summit. They went, they left their hotel room and engaged with the people around them and luck was able to arrive. There are other attendees who have saved their organization millions (I’ve heard dollars, pounds & euros) because of something they learned in a session, or a chat with the Microsoft engineers, or even a hallway chat with other attendees.

You need to go right now and register for the PASS Summit so that you give luck that opportunity. This event is filled with movers and shakers. It represents boundless opportunity. If you want to win the lottery, you have to play. If you want to step your career forward, you have to go where the opportunities lie in order to make that happen.

The PASS Summit is that place.

Please, come and see me at PASS Summit. Show up. Engage. Talk to people. Talk to me (I’m putting myself out there as much as possible in order catch another lightning strike). You too can get lucky. Even if you don’t, you’ll have learned valuable information from some of the best speakers in the industry. You cannot lose on this bet.

A Little Incentive

I have a little incentive for you. If you register for Summit and use this code, REFGF150, you’ll save $150.

What are you waiting for. Click here right now and register.


OK, fine, but what do you think?