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Guten Tag!

OK, switching back to English for the rest of this.

I’m going to be spending a few weeks in Germany on a private tour, no work. That means that, no, I’m very sorry, I can’t speak at your user group, even though I’d love to. Next time.

However, I wanted to let you know when and where I’ll be over there. I’d love the chance to meet with friends. I know I owe several of you a beverage. This is a chance to pay it back. Here’s where I’ll be and when:

9/12: Frankfurt Airport (we’ll be in late, glad to meet for a drink at the hotel)
9/13 – 9/15: Amsterdam (yeah, not Germany, Mrs. Scary requested this)
9/15 – 9/16: Off the radar, visiting my German son (an exchange student, don’t get excited)
9/16/ – 9/21: Berlin
9/21/ – 9/24: Nuremburg
9/24 – 9/25: Stuttgart
9/25 – 9/28: Munich (OKTOBERFEST! I’ve heard it’s not open at 8AM this year. Very disappointed)
9/28 – 9/30: Mainz

I can’t promise we’ll connect, but I’d sure like to try. Come help me in my quest to learn to speak German.


OK, fine, but what do you think?