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Are you going to be in Florida in November? Me too. I’m privileged to say that I get to speak at SQLServerLive, part of the Live360 event. It takes place November 12-17 at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios in Orlando.

I’m going to be presenting three different sessions.

The first is on Azure SQL Database for the DBA. Adoption and interest in Azure and the platform as a service offering is growing like crazy. Get ahead of the curve and figure out how you can use this technology in your organization.

I’m also going to be doing a session on automating the management of your Azure databases using PowerShell. I’m sticking to the platform databases with this session (no VMs), but I’m covering Pools, MySQL, Postgres, Azure SQL Database, and the magical Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Come learn how to automate this stuff.

Finally, I’m also talking my old standard, Execution Plans. I’ve got a new session based on the work we’re doing on a new edition of the execution plans book (which could even be out by then, we’ll see).

So, if you’re in the area, please join me, and a whole bunch of other amazing speakers, at SQLServerLive. Follow this link to register. Use the code LSPK29 so they know I sent you.


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