PASS Summit 2017

Don’t you want to go to the single largest collection of Microsoft Data Platform professionals and developers on the planet? Sure you do.

PASS Summit 2017 is coming up. Now is the time to register for this unique event.

This year I’ve been honored to be able to present a session at the PASS Summit. It’s on three subjects that are very near and dear to my heart, automation, PowerShell, and the Azure data platform. The session is called Using PowerShell to Automate Your Azure Databases. It covers a lot of material from controlling your Azure SQL Databases to creating Azure SQL Data Warehouse databases to automating maintenance. We’ll even get your Azure PowerShell installed & working locally. I’m very excited about this and I sure hope to see you there.

Don’t forget, PASS Summit has the largest collection of the best international speakers presenting their best stuff. You get direct, personal, access to Microsoft engineers. You also have more opportunity to network with more of your peers than you can get at any other event. Summit is special. You need to go there to experience just how special.

So, please, follow this link right now and get registered. I’d love the opportunity to meet with you.

Oh, and don’t forget that Redgate Software will be there too presenting all our latest tools to help you get your job done.

One more point. I know you will have to convince your boss to send you to training. Please read through this blog post. I think it’ll help.

Let’s get together and chat at PASS Summit.

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