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We’re weeks away from another SQL Cruise. If you’ve never heard of this before, follow the link to read more. There you’ll also find testimonials and suggestions on how to sell SQL Cruise to your boss. I’m going to leave selling it to your boss to you. I want you to consider this.

Class Time

I’m extremely honored to once more act as one of the Technical Leads. When you look at the people I’m working with, Argenis Fernandez, Andrew Kelly, Allen White and Bob Ward (SQUEEE!), you can understand why I feel this way. I’m as grateful as I can be to Tim Ford for putting faith in me to let me stand next to these wonderful people. I’ll do everything I can to prove myself worthy.

That means you’re going to get some good class time. Follow this link to read what everyone is going to be teaching this Cruise. That’s some of the most serious learning you’re going to find anywhere. The classes are each two hours, relaxed, and interactive. You won’t just get the chance to learn from these amazing people, you actually get a chance to directly interact with them on a personal level.

More, So Much More, All the More

However, it’s not the class time that makes SQL Cruise special. I’ve written about this multiple times. I don’t want to repeat myself too much. It’s just that this opportunity is so unique, it’s hard not to emphasize just how wonderful it can be. The biggest point I can make is that the Cruise can be the dividing line between having a job and having a career. People show up with jobs and leave with careers.

I know people who didn’t present or teach before the Cruise and now they’re MVPs working for major consulting firms, teaching and consulting full time. I know other people who had mediocre jobs that they weren’t crazy about before the Cruise and now they’re working for Microsoft in major positions. I know people who were just feeling burnt and uninspired in their current jobs before the Cruise and now they’ve become the go-to person within their organization because they’re so energized by what they do and what they can deliver, all from things learned on the Cruise.

SQL Cruise changes people for the better.

Room for More

There are actually still a couple of seats on the upcoming Cruise. If you want the opportunity to change your life, sign up. If you just want to take some classes with Bob Ward, sign up. Heck, if you’re just looking for an excuse to take your significant other to Alaska, sign up. However, I’d strongly recommend you come to Cruise ready to engage, learn and network. You’ll get out of it more than you put into it, but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Let’s go snorkeling together in the North Pacific and then we can talk about your SQL Server 2016 upgrade process. Sound good?


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