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I want to take a moment to thank a few people for being amazing.

First up, Thomas LaRock is wrapping up his tenure on the PASS Board this year. He has one more in-person meeting at Summit 2017 and then he’s basically done. I followed Tom to karaoke during my 2nd PASS Summit and have been following him around ever since. I’m honored to count him as a friend. Tom, you set an impossibly high bar. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for this community.

Second, Denise McInerney is also completing her time on the PASS Board this year. Denise has been a fixture in the leadership of PASS ever since I first volunteered. I had no idea just how much guidance and advice and flat out friendship I’d come to have with her. Denise, your constant presence will be sorely missed. Thank you for it all.

Next, Adam Jorgensen. Adam isn’t done (thank the gods). He’s simply moving from being President to the role of Immediate Past-President (IPP). There, I hope he continues to help me and the PASS organization as he has done so much for so long. Adam, I need your help. Thanks for what you’ve done so far.

If you read this announcement, then you know there are some changes coming to PASS. This means I have a couple of other people to thank. Wendy Pastrick and Tim Ford. Guys, thanks for being who you are. Being who you are lead you to voluntarily step into extremely tough situations on the PASS Board. I would be hard pressed to find better people to share this work with. You have my gratitude.

Finally, I want to thank the Board members of PASS, past, present & future. It’s a largely thankless job, so please allow me to fill in any NULL values for you. Thanks for all you’ve done, all you do and all you’re going to do. It may not always feel like it, but through PASS we’re helping people to put food on their table.

OK, fine, but what do you think?