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So, my blog got hacked. They edited the page where I thanked Rodney for all that he did. I had to remove that post as a part of the cleanup (still ongoing). However, I couldn’t let that stand. I’ve used caching on the internet to track down the original post because that must live on.

Here you go Rodney. Thanks again.

I recently was honored to take part in the SQL Sons of Beaches Tour. It was a whirlwind of five user groups across the entire state of Florida in five days. I was joined on the tour by Denny Cherry. He and I did most of the presentations (except Tampa where we also had Buck Woody). We were driven from place to place by Karla & Rodney Landrum.

I want to publicly thank Rodney for all he does. Yes, driving me all over Florida was a nice thing. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for so much more when it comes to Rodney. He’s pretty quiet a lot of the time, but you get him talking and he’s doing more exciting stuff with SQL Server than most of us. He shares all that knowledge too, writing books and articles that are extremely useful and unique in their perspective. Further, he’s just a good guy. He’ll carry your bag to the car while you eat breakfast. He asks great questions that make you think. He comes up with fun games about movies (and kicks your butt) to help the time pass on the road.

Thanks Rodney. I really appreciate all you do for me and the Data Platform community. You’re a true resource. Plus, you’ve got a great wife too. Thank you!

To the loser hacker that attacked the site for no reason, IN YOUR FACE!

OK, fine, but what do you think?