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azureThe Azure Data Platform is taking off. I’m seeing more and more interest on the forums, at conferences and in my personal interactions. I’ve been teaching the data platform for six years. Almost as soon as it was available, I started working with it, putting up blog posts and setting up sessions. I’ve had stuff in production on the platform for almost that long too. I’m an advocate and, I hope, an independent voice on the topic. By independent in this case, I mean non-Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, most of the people I learn from work for Microsoft. They are excellent instructors and more knowledgeable on the topic than I’ll ever be. I’m not questioning the ability of Microsoft people to deliver the very best Data Platform content. I just believe that people also want voices that are not directly beholden to the company.

That brings up my list. I have a list of Azure Data Platform Instructors. I’ve been maintaining this for about a eight weeks now. I’m adding to it regularly. At this point, the list is small and in alphabetical order. As it grows, I will begin the process of curating the list. I’ll probably start with categories only, but eventually, I’ll start to pick and choose who goes on the list based on my knowledge of the individuals involved. For now, these are the independent voices who are teaching Azure and the Azure Data Platform. If you’re getting started in Azure, this is the list you need to consult to find the very best independent voices.

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