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In just a few weeks I’ll be doing the Buckeye Blitz. That is, a tour of user groups in Ohio (aka, the Buckeye state, after a tree, not a sports team), one per day across a week. Here’s how it breaks down:

Cleveland: 6/13
Toledo: 6/14
Columbus: 6/15
Cincinnati: 6/16

I’ll be talking on this topic at each of the groups:

Change Your Habits: Tips to Tune Your T-SQL
T-SQL proides many different ways to accomplish the same task, and as you might expect, some ways are better than others. In this session, you will learn specific techniques, that when followed make you a better T-SQL developer. The session is jam-packed with practical examples and is designed for administrators and developers who want to bring their T-SQL skills to the next level. You’ll write clearer and easier to read T-SQL as well as write better performing T-SQL. So useful, you can implement these tips immediately!

I hope you’ll come out and see me on the Buckeye Blitz. I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, I haven’t driven across Ohio since my first day on the job at Redgate. I’ll assume less snow in June.


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