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I’m finally getting back out to community events so I should be able to avoid giving this gigantic honor to professional speakers for a month or two. My Speaker of the Month for February 2016 is Ron Dameron (b|t)

I saw Ron’s presentation Monitoring & Alerting for Azure SQL Database at SQL Saturday Tampa. It was a good presentation (or it wouldn’t be here would it). I especially like the topic. As more people move on to the Azure platform, this is the sort of information they’ll need. Ron spent a lot of time setting up slides to avoid overusing bullets. Nicely done. His delivery was clear and solid. He used Zoomit quickly and smoothly, it looked like it was just part of the presentation. His demos worked (unlike a couple of mine at this event).

The feedback I’d have for Ron would be to intersperse the demos through the presentation, rather than gathering them at the end. There were so many questions during the session (a great thing, the audience was engaged) that it bit into demo time a little. I liked the use of screen captures for the slides, but I’d make them the whole width of the slide so that they’re more visible. That’s it. Like I said, a good presentation.

Thanks Ron


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